Saturday, August 2, 2008

atikmdag.sys BSOD when encoding on 2008

So I'm trying out encoding on my main box -a Win 2K8 enterprise box running 8GB RAM with lots of disk, 5600+ dual core Athlon and the AMD 780g chipset.

After much trial and error I've settled on Xilisoft Video convertor - seems to be very flexible BUT trying to convert a TS stream into MKV always gave me a BSOD with the ATIKMDAG.sys as the fault.

Web searching shows this is a real issue with no apparnent fixes - just AMD and NVIDIA blaming MS and vice versa (happens with Nvidia too)

So long story short, I uninstalled ATI CCC and set my graphics card to use the default MS VGA drivers. No error now.

What a mess and yet to be fully resolved!

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