Saturday, January 17, 2009

What should have been a joy became a disaster....

So I got myself a new monitor - A samsung 32" 1080p LCD (cost $150 NZD more than comparable 26" monitor after some strong negotiations so great option and the desktop real estate is HUGE!

Anyway, current ATI drivers for onboard chipset (790G) couldn't scale to 1080p, cue several frsutratiing hours of installing adn uninstalling latest ATI drivers (8.12) for Windows Server 2008 x64 (which is my 'PC' and HyperV can see where this is heading...)

No dice, just cannot get the server to recognise the driver install

Desparate times so I rebuilt the system thinking HyperV's will easily restart with minimal fuss. Oh. No. They. Won't.

Monitor looks great now with older drivers off DVD that came with mobo so start VMs (discover you need to create NEW>Pick your old VHD file. All systems (including a DC started OK but weird things started happening - getting unauthenticated in the network centre, needing to rework the DC. End result was drop VMs from domain and re add.

Unfortunately on my Kerio mail server this blew away ALL my mail - could not find it at all.


After much googling found some help here:

Identified that I actually had snapshots (AVHD) of my mail server disk that were a lot bigger than the original VHD so using winimage was able to open these up and extract most of my email.

HyperV - you b@stard!

My fault I'm sure but you gotta learn somewhere the old adage, "There are 2 kinds of people in the world, those who backup and those who will backup"

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