Monday, May 5, 2008

An alternative means of using Blackberry with SBS

"Alternatively, you can set up Exchange to forward a copy of email to an address assigned to the Blackberry.  To do this, first create an email address for the Blackberry, usually through your provider's Blackberry website.  It will be in the format "".  Make sure the return address is set to the user's primary email address, not the Blackberry email address.  Next, on your SBS server, create a new Contact under Advanced Management->Active Directory Users->[Your Domain].local->My Business->Users->SBSUsers.  Fill in the name with something like "UserA's Blackberry".  On the second page, select the Modify button and choose "SMTP" address.  Fill in the Blackberry address here, then complete the wizard.  You should see the contact listed now.  Select the corresponding user and go to properties.  Under Exchange General, press the Delivery Options button.  There, you can set it to forward to the contact you just created.  Make sure you check the box to deliver to both the forwarding address and the local mailbox.

If you only have a few people that need the service, this method may be enough to meet your needs.  On my server, I only have a small handful of people with Blackberries, so I haven't been able to justify the cost (Money and time) of setting up and managing BES quite yet."

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