Friday, May 9, 2008

Quick note on BES database installs

 So, in order to get the BES installation working on SBS, you should create a new instance of MSDE before ruining the installation. You can do this as follows:

1. Locate the MSDE files on the SBS 2003 CD 3 or download from Microsoft.

2. Open a command prompt (Start -> Run -> cmd -> clickOK).

3. On the Command Prompt, change to the directory where the MSDE files are located e.g. cd D:\SBS\MONITOR\MSDE

4. Enter the following command to create the new instance:

setup INSTANCENAME=”BESMgmt” SAPWD=”AStrongSAPwd” /L*v C:\MSDELog.log

5. Start the service: Start -> Run -> Services.msc -> Click OK. Scroll down to the instance you just created MSSQL$BESMGMT, select and click start service.

6. Check the log file to make sure everything installed correctly at C:\MSDELog.log

Then when you run the BES installation, simply enter BESMgmt as the database name. The installation will then run like a dream.



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